All on 4 Dental Implants Procedure

All on four is a dental procedure that uses four implants only to support a whole upper or lower denture. The all on four dental implant procedure was created during the mid to late 1990’s. In the early 2000s, implant maker Nobel Biocare collaborated with renowned European implant dentist Paulo Malo and performed detailed bio-metrics analysis and computational models to assess the best possible placement of these four implants in order to achieve optimum assistance while reducing operation and recovery time, as well as the required materials to complete this process.Have a look at try this web-site to get more info on this.

Minimal invasivity

All of these factors combined have helped reduce the cost of securing full dentures by the implant method. The use of just four implants to secure the denture minimizes the invasiveness of the denture-securing implant method. This method not only minimizes the time of the surgery but also the healing time. In certain instances the denture can be protected together with the operation of the implants. Using the all on four procedures also minimized the need to do procedures for bone grafting.

Bone gunning

Bone grafting operations where appropriate to reinforce the positions of the implants in the past. Not only were these grafting procedures painful and time-consuming, but also where expensive, causing some people to find this method of denture placement unachievable. This relatively new procedure is highly desirable as the patient can go to their dentist’s office for a preliminary visit for the dentist to take x-rays and determine the best placement of the implants, followed by a second visit when the patient is able to complete the procedure and when they leave they will have a complete set of teeth!

Before recently anything like this was unheard of. Before the all on four implant procedure is developed, patients would need six or more implants, and often require bone graft surgery to support implant sites. The operation may take up to eighteen months to finish! This meant that patients would have to wear unfitting temporary dentures or without teeth until the procedure was completed, not to mention the discomfort that was to be endured.


The patient will need to go back up until about six months for follow-up visits over the next few months. The implants will be fully healed by that point, so the bone attached to them and the dentist should offer a fresh image with a smoother, more fitted, permanent collection of teeth. So if you’re on the lookout for a package of dentures, chat about four treatments to your dentist on the everything and see if that’s good for you.