Aluminium Window Restoration

If you have old aluminium windows and you want a change of color but don’t want to replace them, don’t worry, without removing them, there is a cost-effective way to achieve the color change you want. That is the renovation of aluminum windows.
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The aluminium window repair process requires two phases. First, painting the aluminum window frames in the color you like, and second, performing a full mechanical overhaul so that your old windows look not only new, but also work like new that easily glides when opened.
The method of painting aluminium windows produces a highly durable finish that resembles the factory finish of new aluminium window frames with powder coating. However, this method can only be accomplished by using HVLP spray gun equipment and poly urethane two pac paint application to employ a highly experienced, trained and skilled painter in spray painting.
The same quality finish as spray painting can not be obtained by simply painting your window frames with acrylic or oil-based paint enamels using a brush. Due to durability, the use of single-pac paints is also an issue.
The 3 steps in the process of repairing the aluminium window are:
1. Preparedness. Preparation is what takes the greatest amount of time and in the two pac spray painting application and the DIY home renovator there is the temptation of tradesmen inexperienced to take short cuts. The short cuts are mostly a product of lack of awareness rather than being lazy. However, the end result of not carrying out the right amount of preparation is a low quality finish that is less robust.
2 .Paint application It is vital for two pac paint applications that the substrate is free of any build-up of dirt, grease or grime. A non-salt-based soapy water and a sponge can be used to clean the outside of your window frames. To be carefully rinsed with a cleaner for fresh water or water pressure. Still, this can’t be achieved on the inside, so a solvent wash such as prepsol can be used. On both sides, a solvent wash can be used. To add the solvent, use a commercial grade scouring pad. It is best to clean the inside tracks first before you wash down the inner frames to prevent any dust or bug build-up.
The wipe on wipe cleaning method is important. Apply the solvent in small parts with a clean rag, as it evaporates easily. The problem, however, is that unless you quickly wash it off with another dry, clean cloth, the residue of dirt and grime will remain.