Benefits of Selling Your House

You can distribute them yourself (if you have the time), or you can use a mailbox delivery company like Salmat or PMP Delivery (these are the two biggest distribution companies in Australia). Your delivery cost is likely to be at least 5 cents per flyer under a specified delivery volume (say 30,000). This is very inexpensive when you remember you will either have to sell them on your own (you could possibly deliver just a few hundred a day) or have to pay a fee to an agent for the real estate.You may want to check out best site for more.

For ideas about how to craft your flyers, simply copy the best ones you get from bigger franchised agencies like Ray White, LJ Hooker etc. in the mail. Recall using a ‘catchy’ headline at the top of your flyers eg. ‘A BIG BIG 1200sqm family home’ Expect a response rate of 1 per cent on your flyers, for example. Deliver 5,000 flyers and you will get about 5 calls.

Newspapers are the most common way a house may be marketed for rent. You will advertise in the newspaper in two occasions. You can have a ‘show ad’ which is basically a ‘image ad’ along with a certain amount of text permitted (these are the most costly ads so you can determine the show ad’s unit size from a small one-unit to a whole page depending on your budget).

A ‘private ad’ is the other form of newspaper ad. A classified ad is a text-only ad that includes headings, bolding, underscoring, bordering and even some coloured text to differentiate the ad. Both of these features come at an added cost but the cheapest forms of newspaper ads available are classified ads. Typically, prestigious and/or costly houses perform well as show ads as this is where your target customer is searching for these types of houses.