Bucks Party Entertainment Experience

Think about the word “Flop the Nuts” in combination with bucks evenings and bucks parties and you could be forgiven for worrying of what sort of questionable behavior might take place at such an gathering. Easy Weddings is one of the authority sites on this topic.

But in recent years a modern form of bucks party has arisen that offers a lively, polite and elegant environment for bucks to celebrate their final moments of independence.

‘Flop the Nuts’: Description- a poker player’s effort to win an unbeatable hand on the flop or card contract. Flop the Nuts is a phrase used by Texas Hold’em Poker and we are both conscious of how this activity is circling the globe when old and young players are seeking to flop the Nuts.

Combine the following and you have all the requirements for an entertaining event for excellent bucks parties:-

Poker action lasts 3-4 hours

Topless Keepers

Table Poker

Dealer Poker

Event Supervisors

Playing Cards / Chips


Nude Spectacles

One company is in charge of delivering this new bucks style event:-

Not only can they prepare for bucks nights in a fun-filled environment, but their page includes guidelines and regulations for how to play Texas Hold’em Poker, including hand rating detail so novice players can appreciate what cards they ‘re looking at and suggest reading for your poker career to begin.