Clean Up Debris Explained


There are several models and sizes of machines like the yard cleaner, both hand-held and wheeled, which have been built over the years to help the homeowner handle the annual task of sweeping up falling leaves. The preferred method is typically decided by the scale of the job and the budget much as in every work.

A hand held or backpack mounted leaf blower or vacuum may serve well for small yards with few trees. Many homeowners favor using hand-held or wheel-mounted blowers that do not necessarily vacuum up the leaves but blast them into piles that can then be bagged in. This in many cases saves lots of raking producing back ache. However, the job is not finished until the leaves are either contained or bagged by the community trash collectors for removal or taken to a land fill.Clean Up Debris-EZ Houston Junk Removal to read more.

The mulching lawn mower is another approach that cuts the leaves to small bits that can be used to water the grass. Some riding mowers can pick up the leaves in an attached bag or pulled behind the mower in a wheel mounted trailer.

The homeowner who has an incredibly large lot of trees dropping large leaves may consider that a wheel-mounted, self-powered yard vacuum is the right machine for the job. As the name suggests, these are a super-large and robust vacuum cleaner similar to the carpet vacuum’s much smaller and weaker remote cousin. There are important parallels.

These are dangerous machines and as such demand a larger investment than many of the other smaller and less efficient units. The true yard vacuum usually weights more than 150 pounds and is fitted with 6 hp engines. They have adjustable vacuum nozzles which make adjusting for different amounts of debris an easy task.

These machines are capable not only of picking fallen leaves but also of pine needles and small branches. Any homeowner with pine trees realizes the effort needed to rake those nasty needles especially if they lay in high grass.

Some yard vacuums are fitted with a hose that makes it an easy chore to remove leaf and other debris from flower beds and vegetable gardens. The chipper chute included with many models allows branches of small and medium size up to 2 inches in diameter to be reduced rapidly to chips.

There are a number of models and designs available that are priced at between $500 and $900. Owing to the higher expense of these devices you will do better to invest some time reviewing features and feedback of these devices on the internet. A well-built machine should produce years of trouble-free service and pay for itself by reducing wear and tear on homeowner many times over.