Enjoy A Brief History Of The Limo

Imagine what you’d like to arrive in a glamorous and luxurious stretch limousine at your destination. Limo rental in Toronto is easy to imagine because there is such a wide selection of cool modern limo models available. There’s nothing a limo can’t have inside it, from the Hummer to the Cadillac and full of stuff like liquor bars and televisions. You may want to check out Prestige Transportation Las Vegas for more. A quick history of limo is a good way t

A chauffeur or an escort has been a term for hundreds of years and has been part of human culture. Charioteers in the days of the Roman Empire and stage coaches in the old west of the United States were also early types of limos. Both of these carried passengers while the driver rode up front in the back of the vehicle. The earliest chauffeur may have been a driver or Wagon-master.

Like a stagecoach, the horse-drawn coach could hold a much greater number of passengers than could hold a regular carriage or cart. This is quite similar to the limos of Toronto. The stagecoaches had plenty of doors for the passengers to enter their area around their sides. Just like the limousines do today. The driver was sitting in the front of the stagecoach.

“The first gas-driven limousine style car was built in 1902. This was in competition with the carriages driven by horses that were available at the time. The passengers had a convertible or solid covering for both gas and horse-powered vehicles to sit under, while the driver was stuck out in the rain. The seats faced each other in a vis-a-vis carriage, similar to the” jump seat

As cars have developed, so has the limousine shape. You’ll find that the models are very varied when you select limo service in Toronto. Some cars seat up to around twelve passengers, and only five to seven seats. There are models that are just just a wide car that is extended with the addition of seats and doors on the frame.

Most Toronto limos have a barrier or divider that slides from left to right or up and down so that the passenger compartment is fully separate from the area of the driver. Guests can talk to the driver and provide instructions through the divider. It is important to note that there was also a roof opening for the original stagecoaches to enable guests to reach the driver.

You may select a vehicle that holds five passengers or ten passengers or even more for limousine service in Toronto. There are exotic limousines like the Bentley or the Jaguar, and then there are more regular limos like the Hummer or the Cadillac. There are “tuxedo” limousines in black and white and many other colours. Even the VW Beetle has been stretched into a limo.