How to Avoid Getting Infested by Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insects, such as human beings, endothermal animals, rodents, and birds, that feed on living hosts. The five continents of the planet inhabit them. Such insects are so well adapted that they are common pests in our homes. The word “bed bug” is derived from the preferable habitat of homes and particularly beds of the pest. A variety of different organisms exist. The most common type, however is the common North American species, Cimex lectularius. Checkout Bed Bug Exterminator Houston.

An infestation does not reveal how it was assumed in the past in unclean homes. Since bed bugs are different from cockroaches, they do not eat waste products. Any link between dirt and bed bag infestation is just incidental.

These insects have a flat reddish-brown body and can grow to a length of 5 millimetres. Though bed bugs are not entirely nocturnal insects, but when their hosts sleep or inactive, they are manly active at night. They can however be seen moving about in the daytime. A very high infestation may be suggested.

For many reasons, infestations may start. The most popular way to catch parasites is to get them while travelling in hostels. They quickly crawl into the clothing of the host and migrate to a new location where the new colony starts. Bed bugs will also infest entire apartment complexes and condominiums because they can pass through gaps and crevices in the walls of buildings. Using second-hand clothing and furniture that may have been infested is the second common form of infestation.

It can be very difficult to classify such infestations because of the existence of the parasites’ habits (nocturnal lifestyle). It takes time to kill them and needs steps to eradicate living pests and their nests. Cleaning, laundering or heating, infested clothing and spraying furniture by bug killing sprays are included in these acts.