Leasing Office Space – Budget and Expectations

Budget and expectations established

Define the quality of the house, the price per square foot and the monthly total budget for office space. If your standards are reasonable, the office space broker will inform you. You may want to check out Shared Office Space-CMPND for more. In order to ensure that the amount of office space you are searching for is consistent with your actual and expected number of workers, visit the tenant rep broker. For most American offices, the density per 1000 ft. of net rentable space is between three and six employees. (The distinction is briefly discussed between net rentable space and real space.)


If you want to totally demolish and rebuild the office room, the conceptual layout is significant. It’s very expensive here. (Depending on the venue, demolishing and restoring office space would probably cost at least $25-$40 per square foot.) Decide whether you are looking for space that is more open design, or that has a large number of smaller or larger offices. This will allow you to remove options which do not suit.

How important are entry and exit during peak periods of traffic? The architecture of the site will decide whether peak traffic access is simple or difficult.

Signage with

Is signage meaningful? Restrictions imposed by the landlord, city government and subdivision deed restrictions may need to be addressed. If signage is essential, soon after becoming seriously interested in office space, obtain a written copy of all signage restrictions. Get candid insights on signage for the office building from your tenant rep broker.


Do you need a high number of parking spaces? (4 or more spaces is a relatively high number per 1,000 square feet of space.)

Options for Rental Cost

Options for the rental rate include: gross, gross plus cost escalation, adjusted gross, and triple net. A gross lease essentially has a lease rate and no cost allowance or modifications. A base amount of rent and expenditures in excess of a given level is included in Gross plus escalations. For the year the lease is signed, the given level is also the expenses. The occupant pays rent and any of the costs directly related to his room in an altered gross lease. That also include janitorial services and electricity. For cost escalations, this form of lease may also provide. The occupant pays rent and all running costs in a triple net lease (NNN). Insurance, insurance, maintenance, repairs, electricity, janitorial, etc. are operating expenses. In general, by having a fixed level of cumulative payments, a gross lease benefits the tenant.