Marble Floors and Counter Tops – Simple Irresistible!

Whoever can afford it still opts for marble floors-whether it is in office rooms, shopping centres, restaurants, banquet halls or residences. Marble exuded an unprecedented splendour, elegance and sophistication. Of course a price tag comes with the classy appeal of marble floors. But the surface beauty makes you forget how pricey that is.Interested readers can find more information about them at visit site.

Marble Flooring Gains

Not only are marble floors exquisite but they are also robust. It can last for thousands of years, when marble is well maintained. Even after 2,500 years, marble floors within ancient Greek and Roman ruins in Europe maintained their charm. Laying down marble floors in your home, or at least in the living room, is a onetime cost, but even after 100 years of use, the surface will not wear out.

Harm and Footproof

Marble stones are solid and resistant to cracks, breakage, regular wear, and stains. Simple to vacuum, too. Only mop up all the dirt , dust and pet hair and scrub the floor clean with a wet cloth and a soap. Like fresh it will shine.

Really hypoallergenic

Marble is hypoallergenic and is naturally resistant to growth of the fungus or mould, building up allergens and bacteria. Individuals who are allergic to pet fur, pollen or dust (usually applied to carpeted surfaces) should choose marble floors.


Marble comes in different designs , patterns, and schemes of colour. The wide variety of choices makes it suitable for various styles of interior decor.

Marble Counter Tops Gains

Marble counter tops can be pricey, but they are chosen for their beautiful, timeless appeal. They not only lend a classy, elegant and sophisticated look, but with its polished and smooth surface it’s easy to fall in love with. With its shiny shine and clarity it earns over admirers. They will last more than 100 years, properly treated!

They are also resistant to scratches, breakage and cracks and they are very easy to clean.

Marble counter tops are not necessarily white, or ivory, contrary to common opinion. Today there is a wide palette of colours to choose from. Shades such as purple, black, gold, pink, green, steel, blue midnight, and sandalwood have become common among homeowners. It depends on the colour of your cabinets whether you should pick a dark marble or a lightly coloured one.

While marble is heat-resistant and will not catch fire which makes it perfect for the kitchen if you place a hot container directly on a marble surface, it will permanently discolour. The harm is irreparable so use metal grids or place mats.