Medical Massage – A Closer  Look

Medical massage is result-based, mainly the application of certain techniques targeted to an individual patient’s condition with an emphasis on the results, the most common of which being relief from pain. This is done through manual compression or manipulation of the affected area, application of heat, pressure or vibration that targets the cause of the pain, massage therapy is then applied to help the patient heal and the process of recovery is monitored. Checkout Atlanta Medical Massage.

Medical massage has been recognized as a successful method of healing in terms of pain management and alleviation of symptoms such as muscle spasms, stiffness, soreness, tenderness and inflammation. It is very effective in helping to restore normal, or even return to normal function to a damaged muscle. The most popular medical massage techniques are the Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. Other massage techniques have been developed over time such as the Shiatsu massage, deep tissue release massage, deep tissue flexion massage, neck massage and lymphatic release.

Medical massages are usually conducted on an outpatient basis and are typically recommended to patients suffering from various types of physical and psychological conditions. These include muscle spasms, back pain, sports injury, menstrual pain, headaches, cramps, stress, and many other conditions affecting the body. The technique can also be applied on an outpatient basis in the form of therapeutic massage therapy. This therapy is usually given to individuals who have undergone a surgical procedure or who are recovering from some form of illness. This type of therapy has been clinically proven effective for treating a wide range of conditions, although the exact reasons behind it are not well understood. Some medical practitioners believe that it is a technique that involves the transfer of energy in order to help relieve pain and restore the ability to feel better. Whatever the case, it has shown significant success in improving the quality of life of those suffering from chronic conditions, as well as those in need of immediate pain relief.