Need to know about Art Auction

Coming early. Showing up the minute that the auction begins would place you at a disadvantage. It is important to have the auction preview and the first ten minutes of the auction. The preview allows you time to take a closer look at the art and ask the auctioneer and the art associates questions. During the Auction you won’t be allowed to ask questions. If you’re not happy with the responses you get or the auctioneers’ attitude then buy nothing. If a person who wants to get your money is rude and pushy BEFORE they are getting your money, how do you think they’re going to behave after they get your money? If you’re pleased with what you’ve seen in the preview, at the auction you should feel ready to bid. The first ten minutes of the auction is when they explain the terms and conditions of the auction sale. Don’t be late, just look out. Get More Info about us.

Know what comes with your order. Comes with a frame? Will it be delivered, or has it to be taken off the ship? Is the sales tax in there? What are Customs fees? If you should expect delivery when?

Do not bid if in doubt. Recall this is an auction. You are not obligated to ask. Works of art have a minimum price but not a high price. Prices are rising with the bidding progressing. A offer is a purchasing undertaking by statute. If you overbid for an object, then you just have to blame yourself.

Buying and selling art can be both a lucrative career and an entertaining pastime. It can be lucrative, fun and a perfect place to meet fellow art lovers and attend art auctions. In the art world, there are tips and tricks to improve your buying and selling experiences. There are not only different types of auctions but also many types of art buyers. If you’re an art collector, investor, or dealer, art auctions give you the chance to get items you’ll enjoy over time.