Personal Injuries – Common Injuries From Car Accidents

The most prevalent forms of personal injury cases in Queens , New York, include road and traffic accidents. The most common kinds of incidents include head-on collisions, side collisions, rear-end collisions, and rollovers. Other major forms of incidents that involve significant legal intervention usually include drunken driving injuries and deaths, bus incidents, motorcycle accidents, boat accidents, pedestrian accidents, knockdown accidents, and truck accidents. Learn more about Chicago’s best injury lawyers.

Sprains, tears, fractures, and the full severing of limbs consist of limb injuries that can have detrimental lifelong effects. If you suffered this sort of injury from an automotive accident injury in Queens, immediately contact Queens personal injury lawyers to resolve justice for you.

Internal organs such as the lungs , kidneys, liver , and heart are soft tissues. When these organs are punctured in an accident, life-threatening complications will ensue.

No matter what sort injury one experiences from car accidents in Queens, it is still a traumatic and lingering experience. However, certain forms of physical injury are more likely to occur than others due to the nature of motor vehicle construction and service. From these incidents, the most common injuries are whiplash, brain and head trauma, soft tissue damage, limb injury, and spinal cord and back injury.

Whiplash is mostly the product of the vehicle’s rear hit, and is perhaps the most common car accident injury treated in Queens. Whiplash symptoms are unpleasant, whether acute or permanent, and can restrict the daily functioning.

The most devastating kind of car accident injury is brain and head trauma. For a fully functioning person to be reduced to a dependent and disabled state due to a brain or head trauma sustained in a car accident, it just takes a moment.