Practical Solutions about Miller Hanover Insurance

If they can prove a loss through a fleet utilisation log indicating that no other cars were available to rent in place of that vehicle, your insurer may cover some of the related financial damage, but they may not cover the entire amount which will make you personally responsible for the remainder if you waive the rental company’s coverage. Checkout Miller Hanover Insurance. Diminution of Value: An accident can reduce the value of a vehicle when it shows up on the vehicle’s Carfax history report. This lost value can be passed on to you and while your insurer may pay the portion of damages, they find reasonable, it could leave you exposed to paying the remaining amount if you’ve refused the coverage offered by your rental company.Administrative fees: Additional time and manpower goes into working with you and your insurance company on claims. This additional expense is passed on to you through administrative fees that are not generally paid by your insurance company. Normally, these fees are waived if you’ve purchased coverage through the rental car agency.It’s also important to note that rentals for business purposes, long-term rentals and international rentals may be excluded from your personal coverage so be sure to call your agent to get the details of your policy before you assume it will cover you.Another source of coverage you may have is through the credit card you use to pay for the rental. Generally, credit cards offer the repair or replacement of a rented vehicle that was damaged or stolen. They may not, however, cover the fees for loss of use, diminution of value or administrative fees and they may exclude certain vehicles and rental periods. For details, call the credit card company you plan to use to pay for the rental. Your Company and those like it is the anchor of this country.