Anti Bully Programs

Anti Bully Programs

Our Anti Bully programs are one of our most popular programs. When you consider the survey results below, you can see why it’s so important for students, educators and parents to understand the impact bullying can make on a child.

Anti Bully Programs

“In a survey of over 20,000 5-8th grade students, 37% reported that someone had done mean or hateful things to them online”

“During the 2010-2011 school year 48% of students in grades 7-12 experienced some form of sexual harassment in person or electronically via texting, e-mail and social media.” Source: American Association of University Women (AAUW) National Survey, November 2011
No one wants to see a child carry the burden of bullying alone, and our Anti Bully Programs will get you and your school on a path of lowering bullying and increasing children’s self esteem and self worth.

Anti Bully Programs Details

Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools will discuss definitions and the personal, social, and legal ramifications associated with sexual harassment, bullying, and cyber-intimidation. The videos will address what we know about these troubling areas. Students will explore preventative strategies as well as how school staff can address these issues as they occur. A clear understanding of what constitutes harassment and the harmful effects of harassment on people and institutions is essential to providing a safe and inclusive school environment for all.

Video Educational Program for Staff, Parents, and Students

• Educational Videos 35-40 minutes in length designed for five different target audiences

• Parent video available in Spanish

• Defines the different types of behavior that constitute bullying

• Provides a clear distinction between traditional and cyber-bullying

• Introduces school & district staff and parents to NEW types of bullying including:

• Slam books, Sexting &Exclusion

• Flaming & Cyber-harassment

• Denigration & Impersonation

•Outing or Trickery, and Happy Slapping

• Discusses the consequences of bullying and explores the reasons why kids bully

• Legal ramifications of bullying and sexual harassment

• Prevention strategies for educators, parents, and students

• Available in Spanish for students and parents

Please contact us for more information about our Anti Bully Programs, or to schedule a session at your school.

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