QC Kinetix – Benefits

Regenerative medicine is an exciting area that focuses on restoring the structure and function of damaged tissues and organs in the body. Using regenerative medicine methods can also help to find a remedy for a disease that was previously considered to be irreversible, such as an organ with permanent damage. By using regenerative medicine, illnesses and disorders that were previously untreatable may be able to be reversed. Research has been working hard to make these treatments available to the general public so that they can benefit from them without having to go to a doctor or clinic. This could be achieved in vivo (inside a living body to potentially activate an organ previously thought to be irreparable) or in vitro (in a laboratory) (applied to the body by implantation of a specific therapy that is studied inside a lab).Interested readers can find more information about them at QC Kinetix (Summerville)

There are four forms of regenerative medicine. Artificial organs and medical devices, tissue engineering and biomaterials, cellular therapies, and scientific translation are only a few of the topics addressed. Continue reading to learn more about these types of regenerative medicine techniques.

Medical devices and artificial organs are used to help people who need new organs live a better life. New organs can be produced using the patient’s own cells and tissues, which increases the probability of the new organ being accepted by the body. This essentially removes the present and commonly held notion of tissue rejection. Medical devices would also enable the patient to maintain their current level of health as they await the arrival of their new replacement organ. Medical devices may also be used permanently in place of a transplant.