Staffing Agencies and Recruiters

There are recruiting companies and recruiters to find people for work, not people for jobs. Besides choosing the right recruiting agency to work with, as a candidate, you have to cater to that company. You may want to check out Syft (London Office) – London Staffing Agencies for more. Here are five items to do in order to attract the best placement agent.

  1. Know Whatever you want

When a recruiter asks what kind of job you ‘re looking for, they don’t react by saying, “What positions do you have open?” This response suggests a lack of attention at best and desperation at worst. Focus on the kind of job you want, and be ready to discuss it. Don’t expect from a very general resume that a placement specialist can imagine you in a particular situation. Thinking about who …

  1. Get a decent Experience

For the same reason that you need one to attract the hiring manager you need a good resume to attract the right recruiter. List duties and achievements in a system of Features / Benefits. Make it simple for the resume screener to see how your skills are matched with a specific opportunity, and what you have achieved.

  1. React to work posts by specific agency

Staffing companies routinely post vacancies on major work boards. Others like to use classified ads, too. If you have found an organisation you are involved in partnering with the company’s advertised job quest.

  1. Contact a placement person and ask to talk

Every staffing organisation has its own way of doing things. Some name recruiters for their placements. Others might call it account managers or agents. By asking for the placement person you should be able to open positions with the person matching the people. You can share the type of job you ‘re looking for from there; find out about the latest openings and get permission to forward your resume to that person.

  1. Forward your resume Even though no current vacancy is available

If you have found a company specialising in placing people in your profession, they need your resume on paper. You might not be automatically invited to the selection process but you never know what openings may arrive that afternoon. The smart placement individual won’t want to waste your time (or hers) by getting you in, unless they know they have a good chance to succeed.

You need to learn how to promote your progress in seeking a job with them once you have found a successful placement agency and they have decided to represent you. The last article in this series offers 5 ways to position themselves in a staffing agency.