Texas Tales-An Overview

If you love westerns, tales from the wild west, and just want to feel the excitement, Texas Tales will be your book of choice. A Prairie Home Companion consists of 100% authentic stories from West Texas. These are real life stories told by ordinary people living out their everyday lives in the Texas panhandle. Some of these stories have been told before but with a twist, such as a ghost story or one about a girl who found love while she was disappearance. Others are true affairs with the person who discovered the tale, but still others are totally amazing true stories of the people and places that really do live in the Texas panhandle. There are also many funny situations and some very touching moments as well, all woven together in a wonderful read for all ages and genders. Here is the weblink.

I started reading this book as a guilty pleasure, so I know how fast and how detailed this book is. Reading through each story made me hungry for more, which I did; especially the last one, “The Deuce Couple,” which ended happily but in a way that I could not stop reading about the two charming characters. It was a story of two young men from completely different worlds falling in love, but falling back together after they were stolen from their native Texas Comanches. After they were reunited, they married each other and started a family. It was one of the best and most romantic tales I’ve ever heard about Texas, and that was what really pulled me into the book.

George Baker’s lively storytelling and Albert Bakshi’s unique pictures bring readers to the “real” world of Texas and make them truly immersed in the colorful flora and fauna, the friendly inhabitants, and even the legendary wild creatures of this state, which we as residents are quite familiar with. The characters are like real people, except for the white-washed faces, but each story is just like any other in the comforts of our homes, towns, or cities. The reader will leave the book wanting more. I know I do. This is a great collection, highly recommended, and will make the perfect gift for someone you know who loves to read historical accounts and legends.