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Rarely do you see cars that do not have window tints as you drive down the lane. Auto tint shades are not only installed to block the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Auto Tint Shades are often installed to use less energy and help keep your car cool. For health purposes, there are also individuals who tint their vehicles. Some people who drive have very sensitive eyes, so a way to block too much light from entering their eyes is to tint their vehicles. On the other hand, drivers who want to tint their cars are just there to ensure that their vehicles’ interior can last longer. Interior shades can quickly disappear when exposed to sunlight and it weakens the material faster than normal shade.Interested readers can find more information about them at Tint World.

What would decide the best car tint to add, however would be your personal choice and state laws when it comes to tinting your car. The window tint of your car is also measured by using a tint metre. The tint metre transmits a beam of light through a window and the amount of light that can pass through the other side is determined by this beam of light. Sometimes, the permissible auto tint shade ranges from 80% to 5%. The higher the percentage, the less tint your car has, obviously, so that indicates that more light will pass through. If you buy a car with auto tint shades pre-installed, it will always have anywhere between 15% and 20% tint. In neutral, grey, bronze, blue and mirror colours, Auto Window films are available.

Here are some of the choices you might want to consider when getting your vehicle tinted:

50 Percent Shadow Auto Tint. This unique tint is known to be pretty light and allows 51 percent of the visible light to pass through the windows, as the percentage indicates. Nine percent of the visible light is reflected and 99 percent of the UV rays are obstructed.

20 Percent Hue of Auto Tint. This is graded under medium tint at this percentage. It transmits 24% of visible light and ninety nine% of ultraviolet rays are also blocked. 54 is the amount rejected for solar energy and 11 expressed for solar energy. 5 Percent Auto Tint Shadow. This counts as a dark tint with the lowest percentage and is also called the limo tint.

This transmits 5% of the visible light and reflects 7%. At 99 percent, the percentage of blocked ultraviolet rays is the same as the 11 percent expressed in solar energy.