Vegetarian Restaurants Serve Much More Than Salad

Over the years, vegetarian restaurants have gotten a poor rap. Vegan dining establishments are denigrated by meat advertisers for serving only “rabbit food,” saying that patrons leave hungry. But there could be nothing farther from the facts. Here are ten wonderful, full meals that you can only find on the menu of a vegetarian restaurant. Checkout Whisk Bakery & Coffee – Sheboygan Bakery.

1.Grilled Seitan Sandwich-Seitan is a tasty sandwich-stuffer popular with vegetarians and vegans alike, a wheat-based meat substitute that has a texture very similar to poultry. For a rib sticking treat, try a Barbecue Seitan Sandwich.

2.Real-Deal Veggie Pizza-In a vegetarian restaurant, Veggie mozzarella cheese replaces milk cheese on the pizza. Veggie mozzarella, almost indistinguishable from the real thing, melts and stretches with the same gooey goodness. To make it truly perfect, add peppers, onions and sun-dried tomatoes to it.

3.Tofu Scramble-The tofu scramble is a filled jumble of tofu and fresh veggies, a popular feature on Sunday brunch menus in vegan restaurants. Without the fat and cholesterol, it has all the flavour of a breakfast scramble at other restaurants. Each time, you leave your table full.

4.Veggie Burger-Veggie burgers, thick and juicy, have come a long way since they were launched over 20 years ago. You’ll be sure to find a veggie burger to suit you with combinations like spicy black bean and Italian herb.

5.Portabello Burger-A burger-sized portabello mushroom is taken from vegetarian restaurants, marinated in savoury herbs and spices, then grilled and served in a bun. Meaty and full, it is especially satisfying.

6.Hummus with Bread-On fresh pita bread, hummus, a spicy spread reminiscent of bean dip, is amazing. Many vegan restaurants create their own custom hummus blend and bake fresh pita bread daily. You can order it for your appetiser or make this Mediterranean favourite a full meal.

7.Veggie Wrap-The veggie wrap is a perfect companion to a bowl of soup or a salad, filled with vegetables, vegan cheese and occasionally nuts. The veggie wrap in vegetarian restaurants has become so popular that some conventional restaurants have stolen the recipes for themselves.

8.Vegan waffles with soy sausage-The art of moist, tasty waffles without eggs has been perfected by vegetarian restaurant chefs, making them a staple on the veggie breakfast menu. Pair the waffles with a smoky soy sausage and you’ve got yourself a favourite in the home style.

9.Fake Egg Salad-After the chef finishes combining tofu with vegan mayo and its hidden egg salad ingredients, the egg salad you’d order anywhere else is incredibly close. Only the fat, cholesterol and calories loaded into the conventional egg salad are missing. You just don’t miss them, do you?

10.Grilled Cheeseless Sandwich-This old trusty cheese reduces 197 calories, 12 g of fat, and 85 mg of cholesterol by simply replacing dairy cheese with vegan cheese. Add a cup of vegetarian soup for a hot, nutritious lunch at your favourite vegetarian restaurant.

In order to cater to a spectrum of taste preferences, vegan restaurants prepare safe, hearty meals. Next time you visit a vegetarian restaurant, order one of these filling meals and you won’t go away hungry.