Visit Australia’s Travel Destinations

Australia – down under the ground. It is safe to claim that Australia would love to be visited by most people. But where are you beginning? You may want to check out Sydney, New South Wales, Australia for more. From our world geography studies, most of us recall that Australia is a massive nation on its own continent. So – where are you going to visit? There are a couple of ideas here.

Think Sydney. You’ve definitely heard of the biggest city in Australia. In the world, it is a top travel destination too. This city not only has a world-famous harbor, but it provides a lot to do as well. By boat, car, and the restaurants that line the water, Sydney Harbor is a lovely sight. An architectural sight to see, as many of us have seen in photos, is the Sydney Opera House. For the traveler looking to learn while vacationing, Sydney also provides fascinating history lessons. The Rocks is a place to read about the history of convicts in Australia. In the early days of this town, you can hear about the hangings and other stuff that went on.

The Great Reef Barrier. This giant natural work of art is so large that from space it can be seen. There are many ways to enjoy this beautiful place, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, beach trips, and boat trips. You can charter your own or employ a specialist to captain the boat for you, if you want to use a boat. If you like, these boats will take you to island resorts all along the reef. A final choice for visiting the Reef is to hire a helicopter. You will be fascinated by this opportunity to see the beauty of the city from the air.

From Melbourne. Known as the capital of culture in Australia, there is a lot to do in Melbourne. Here, the Australian Ballet is based. To view foreign art, you can also visit the National Gallery of Victoria. In Melbourne, aboriginal heritage is also celebrated, and you can take an Aboriginal Melbourne tour. The sporting scene in Melbourne is bustling as well. Among the many sporting competitions taking place at different times of the year in Melbourne are tennis, cricket and horse racing. And, of course, without fine dining, excellent shopping and clubs for party goers, you would not want Melbourne to be considered a cultural city. All of these items are offered by Melbourne, and offered with flair.

Hey. Perth. This city in Western Australia enjoys more than 3000 hours of sunshine a year and is ranked 8th on the World’s Most Livable Cities list. Located on the Swan River, the business district of the city offers many opportunities for boating and water-themed attractions. Speaking of water attractions, at Ningaloo Reef in the Perth district, you can swim with whale sharks. This is one of the few locations anywhere to do this.

Of course, Australia’s massive scale means there is a lot more to see than is mentioned above. But if your interest is in the country’s city life and history, you can might find what you are searching for in these attractions – not to mention awesome beaches.