What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is the process of using cells from the body to cure or fight an illness or disease. As of 2020, the only approved treatment with stem cells has been hematopoietic cell transplantation. This is typically done through a bone marrow transplant, but other sources of cells may also be used. These cells are taken from the bone marrow and are then harvested and put into a petri dish for incubation with the enzyme and virus. Checkout Stem Cell Therapy North Carolina.

The process of extracting the stem cells takes some time. The harvested cells then undergo a series of processes that determine whether they will be suitable for transplant. If they pass all of the tests that check for certain diseases, such as HIV, the stem cells are then transplanted into the patient. The recipient then needs to undergo surgery to receive the new cells. During surgery, the recipient will be covered by a plastic bag and will have his or her head covered with bandages to protect the transplanted cells from getting infected. A small needle puncture will then be inserted into the side of the bag in order to extract the stem cells.

Stem cell therapy is one of the few treatments available today that is effective in treating a wide variety of ailments. Some of the treatments include: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Of all of these therapies, however, stem cell therapy has proven to be the most effective and the safest.

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