What You Need To Know About Texas Hill Country Landscaping

Drip irrigation systems and sprinkler systems, each of which has various variants, are the most common landscaping irrigation techniques. Checkout Texas Hill Country Landscaping – San Antonio irrigation system.

Drip tape or tube is buried under the soil surface in drip tape irrigation and is suitable for row crops. Right at the point where it is most needed, the tape delivers water, i.e. the crop roots. Due to deep percolation, runoff or water evaporation, this decreases water wastage. A buried sub-surface drip tape is less susceptible to damage caused by cultivation and weeding, also known as sub-surface drip irrigation.

Sprinkler devices are used in the use of pipes and high pressure sprinklers or arms to disperse water like rain drops on the ground. Water is delivered to one or more places by pipes. At each site, the water is distributed to the area around the sprinkler by a high pressure sprinkler or gun. Some of the mechanisms of the sprinkler are static, while others pass through the region to be irrigated, sprinkling as they go through the area.

Drip line irrigation systems, although they can be more costly to instal, are becoming increasingly common. The lifetime cost will turn out to be less than a sprinkler device because they are more effective in conserving water. Drip line systems do not over-spray water on to the driveways or paths and lose less water because of misting or evaporation. Water supply is right at the roots: benefiting the plant while decreasing waste.

While the introduction of drip irrigation systems has revolutionised the use of scarce water supplies, due to the expense of conventional systems, they are not available to all. A low cost drip irrigation system could be the solution in those cases where affordability is a concern and could reduce the cost by as much as 60 percent to 80 percent . To decrease the cost, these systems also use cheaper micro-tubing. On a small scale, they can also be started and additional lines and components added later.

Micro irrigation is a system that retains both water and fertiliser by supplying slow water drips directly to the root of the plant, either on the surface of the soil or directly to the root zone.

Whatever landscape irrigation system system is selected, it is important to seek the advice of a skilled landscape irrigation contractor – they will be aware of the latest techniques and best practices for their local region.